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Commercial Fundraiser Profile Report

ClearWord Communications Group, Inc.

Mailing Address:
4850 Wright R D
Suite 168
Street Address:
12841 Braemer Village Plaza
Registration #23483  
Registration Status Registered
Renew By 11/30/2014
Other Names Used
Phone (281)242-9800
Fax ()-
Email maureen@motislaw.com
Web Site
Federal EIN 20-2884862

The following financial information has been provided to the Office of the Secretary of State by the above-named organization. Figures are for the organization's fiscal year ending Dec 31, 2012. The Secretary of State's Office does not verify the accuracy of the information or represents that it is accurate.

Contributions $10,120,190
According to the financial information shown at left, 46% of the contributions raised by this organization were returned to or retained by the charity client(s).
Amount to Charity Clients $4,613,887
Some Commercial Fundraisers are not required to submit financial information. If the financial report displayed contains zeros or outdated information, it is possible that the organization is newly registered. Please contact the Charities Program for more specific information.

Commercial Fundraiser's Comments Regarding Solicitation Report
Commercial Fundraiser's Solicitation Comments
Charities Who Have Retained the Services of the Commercial Fundraiser
American Council On Science And Health, Inc.
American Legislative Exchange Council
American Majority, Inc.
Bill of Rights Institute
Claremont Institute For The Study Of Statesmanship & Political Philosophy
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
FreedomWorks, Inc.
Illinois Policy Institute
Institute For Energy Research
James Partnership, The
Lincoln Institute For Research And Education, The
Mackinac Center, The
Media Research Center
Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute
Pacific Legal Foundation
Sam Adams Alliance, Inc.
State Policy Network

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